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CAARD One Pager

The Center for African American Recovery Development's (CAARD) one pager provides of brief overview of what CAARD is and why the work CAARD is doing is vital.

CAARD/AABH CoE Policy Brief 

"Culturally Specific Solutions for Black Recovery Communities" is a policy brief that resulted from a joint collaboration between the Center for African American Behavioral Health and the African American Behavioral Health Center of Excellence.

Black Paper

The Black Paper examines the possibility that addiction, treatment, and recovery dynamics are unique for African Americans. The purpose of the Black Paper is to advocate for recovery and recovery advocacy in black communities across the United States of America.   The Black Paper was created by Dr. Jonathan Lofgren, a CAARD board member.


African American

Recovery Principles

The importance of Black Recovery: " African American recovery is restorative, holistic, and preventive; it includes physical, mental, social, and spiritual growth. Recovery embraces values and traditions of African American culture, and it's communal and interconnected with our people. Recovery involves participating in family, neighborhood, community, and individualized healing that contributes to sustained health and wellness."


©10/2021 Jonathan Lofgren, Joe Powell, Kasi Reed, Mark Sanders

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