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New Orleans Recovery Collective 

Mission Statement: The mission of the NOLA Recovery Collective is to foster the growth and development of African American Recovery communities through cultural advocacy, education awareness and community outreach. 

More Details Soon!

NOLA RC Introduction to Community Classroom 

NOLA RC at New Orleans Community Outreach

President Harold and Vice President Calvin

Board Member Brian Hunter

Sedera with MHSD Harm Reduction Training

Iisha W- CAARD VP & 
Natasha- MRCI

Brittany H.
Advisor to NOLA RC 

NOLA RC Received Proclamation from NOLA City Council. 

NOLA RC City Council Round Table 

NOLA RC at New Orleans City Council 

Executive Director Maria with

Councilmember Oliver Thomas - District E

Nathanial Fields - Director of Homesless Services & Strategy

Iisha W- CAARD VP & 
Natasha- MRCI

Brittany H.
Advisor to NOLA RC 

Councilmember Leslie Harris - District B

Community/Collegiate Listening Session

NOLA RC breaking bread with CAARD

Press Play!

Harold Gorden & Brian Hunter

Brian- Retired Army Vetern
Kiara- SUNO Senior in addiction studies 

Executive Director Maria with Dillard and SUNO Students

CAARD ED Nyla & Project Coordinator Adrianna 
Press Play!

Pastors of New Orleans 

CAARD ED Nyla with Beaufitul Essence - SUNO Student

Board VP Harold G.
Press Play

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